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Our Character Range...

Ice Queen
Ice Queen

Outfits include: 

North Mountain Dress (Pictured)

Enchanted Forest Travel Dress

Spirit  Dress

Winter Dress

Tower Princess
Ice Princess
Ice Princess

Outfits include: 

Coronation Day Dress 

North Mountain Travel Dress (Pictured)

Beautiful Princess
Mermaid Princess
Mermaid Princess

Outfits include:

Mermaid Tail 

Teal Dress (Pictured)

Glass Slipper Princess
Glass Slipper Princess_edited_edited.png
Sleeping Princess
Apple Princess

Some of our characters have different outfit options, so if your little princess has a personal favourite, or wants to match their favourite princess with an outfit of their own, do let us know which outfit you want the character to attend in and we can do our best to make that happen! 

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